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Designed and Manufactured in the

United States of America

While Making an Impact on Dairy Farms World-Wide

Family-Owned & Operated


Like any great invention, The Smart Block was born out of necessity.  Not by a large corporation that targets different breeds of animals, and not by a glue manufacturer, but by an independent professional hoof-trimmer and former dairy farmer, whose most important goal was to help lame cows heal faster, and provide them the comfort they need on their road to recovery.

The Smart Block is the only block invented with cow comfort in mind, and every detail was thoughtfully designed to improve the recurring issues that Martin VanBeek experienced with all other blocks on the market throughout his lifetime of caring for cows.  

Martin invested many years of research and numerous trials in the innovative development of 

The Smart Block, and it has taken the hoof health industry to a new level of treating lame cows.   In six short years, The Smart Block has grown from a product to a solid and trusted brand that has developed a full line of blocks to address any and every type of hoof injury or issue that cows acquire every day on the farm.  The Smart Block has proven itself superior to farmers and trimmers across the globe, and is the preferred therapeutic blocking solution to those that want to give their lame cows the very best opportunity for a comfortable and accelerated path to complete recovery.  


Martin was born and raised on a dairy farm in The Netherlands, and takes great pride in his heritage and hard-working parents who sparked his passion for cows.  When he was nine years old, his family made their first trek to the United States to visit his uncle who immigrated to build a dairy farm in Oregon. Ever since that trip, Martin knew that one day, he too, wanted to come to the U.S.A and pursue the “American Dream”; and in 1989 he made that dream a reality and has never looked back.  

Like most entrepreneurs, his journey has been filled with highs and lows and plenty of adversity along the way, but every challenge pushed him to new limits and expanded his vision of his role in caring for cows. Together with their two teenage sons, he and his wife, Carol, are proud to be a part of this great dairy industry, and the businesses they have built over the past thirty years to provide dairy farmers with the best and most advanced hoof health care services and products available, so that they, too, can give their cows the very best.

Click here to read more about Martin’s induction into the worldwide “League of Extraordinary Hoof Care Explorers”

Does “Made In The U.S.A.” mean anything to you?  For us at The Smart Block, it means EVERYTHING, and we’ve never considered making our blocks anywhere else.  Finding the right manufacturer was definitely a journey, but we knew from the moment we met Kelly Hazzard at Technical Molded Products in Fort Collins, Colorado, that our prayers had been answered.

Kelly and his amazing team ensure that every block that rolls off the machine is in perfect condition, and quality control is second to none.  You can rest assured that when you buy The Smart Block, you are supporting American Small Business and the families that work hard to provide you a high quality, comfortable, and affordable solution to healing your lame cows. So support the American economy and buy SMART!!

United Dairy Women & U.S.D.E.T.C

The United Dairy Women has always been near and dear to The Smart Block’s heart. For the past 15 years, Carol has served in different capacities ranging from officer, committee head, volunteer, sponsor, and participant to support the various projects that the UDW hosts annually in their efforts to supply local children’s homes with nutritious dairy products year after year. She has helped orchestrate many Milk Lover’s Balls and Dairy Fests, and is proud of her “Lifetime Member” status. “It is truly an honor to be associated with these amazing women who work hard and selflessly give so much time and energy to ensure the continued success of the organization’s MILK MISSION, and it is such a privilege to help these children be able to enjoy all of the delicious dairy products that they could ever want.”

The Smart Block also takes great pride having a personal connection with the U.S. Dairy Education &Training Consortium. In a collaborative effort with Zinpro, Martin has become a valuable resource that the USDETC has implemented into the hoof health segment of their program for the past several years. He speaks to these young adults about the importance of maintenance and therapeutic trimming, and demonstrates the 5 Step functional trimming method, as well as the safety and proper use of an upright and state-of-the art hoof-trimming chute. “The students are always eager and enthusiastic to practice trimming the hooves of cadaver feet, and amazed at how important good hoof health protocols are for the overall well-being of healthy cows. It’s always a fun and rewarding experience to help these undergraduates interested in dairy farming to learn more about how to take good care of the cows’ feet.”

We love healthy cows!

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